Cleaning Services: Tools of Trade – Vacuums

Having the right cleaning tools is essential for getting your home really cleaning. The right tools will ensure that you will work efficiently and get the highest-quality when it comes you house cleaning. Of course, we have all the tools necessary to get the job done. Give us a call at (347) 418 – 0153Continue reading “Cleaning Services: Tools of Trade – Vacuums”

House Cleaning: Organizing tips to make your life easy

If you are like one of the many people who find it difficult to stay organized, don’t feel bad or ashamed! This is a common issue that we hear from among most of our clients. So, If you’re looking to extend your house cleaning and keep tidy until your next cleaning service, I’ve found some excellentContinue reading “House Cleaning: Organizing tips to make your life easy”

House Cleaning: Make Your Own Cleaning Products

Are you looking to cut down on chemicals used in your household? Are looking to try your hand at making your own cleaning products as a way to save money or find alternatives to commercial cleaning products should we ever run in the situation where they once again scarce? Well, I’ve found a great articleContinue reading “House Cleaning: Make Your Own Cleaning Products”

House Cleaning: De-cluttering – How to decide what goes?

Here’s an excerpt of a really great article about de-cluttering to help you maintain your newly cleaned space after you’ve had your first cleaning service. “The Vision Steps  This process is about getting your stuff to meet your home in harmony. So before we pull everything out and examine the clutter, let’s look at theContinue reading “House Cleaning: De-cluttering – How to decide what goes?”