How To Get Rid Of Stubborn Ink Stains?

Finding it hard to get rid of the stubborn stains on your shirt or trouser? Yes! We’ve been there and we know how tiring it could get when you try to remove it using your regular detergent powder. Let us save you some time and tell you that it is not going to work that way. But that doesn’t mean you would have to live with that stain forever. We are MVP House Clean and Maid cleaning service often known as the best House cleaning services in Bronx and today we are going to help you with cleaning ink stains on your clothes, carpets, or even your hands.

Here’s how you can remove Clean Stains

Since you are here we suppose you have already tried using detergent powders and soaps by now to clean ink stains from your clothes and only got disappointment. Well, it’s not the time to be disappointed yet because you’ve landed on the right page. Given below are the most effective household products and methods that can be used to clean ink stains to their best. Let’s get started with the procedures.

Using Alcohol

As soon as you see an ink stain on your clothes, you need to rub the stained area with some alcohol. Doing this will loosen the ink from the particles from the fiber. After rubbing the stain with alcohol apply some stain remover to it. Cover the stain completely with the stain remover and wash it with hot water. Give the cloth a rinse in hot water properly. Hot water can help you get rid of many types of stubborn stains however if your garment has recommended not to use hot water to it then you should avoid this step and wash it with some lukewarm water. 

Before giving the cloth to dry, check if the stain is removed properly or not. If some stain is still remaining, then repeat the process once again.

Use Of Salt On Wet Ink Stain

This method is helpful only if the ink stain on your garment is still wet. In this case, you should run to get some salt and cover the stain completely with it. Rub the salt on your cloth for a couple of minutes and then dab that area using a damp paper towel. At last, you can brush off the remaining salt and check if the stain is removed properly or not. If some stain is still left, apply the procedure once again. If the stain has already dried out, use the previous method to remove it.

Cornstarch for Carpet Ink Stains

Ink Stains on carpets can be really stubborn and seriously it never goes away. Now anymore because we have found the most effective remedy to remove an ink stain from carpets. So, what you need is some cornstarch and milk to make a paste from it. You need to apply this paste directly to the stained area and leave it to dry properly. Once the mixture on the carpet is dried out properly, brush it off from the carpet. You can also vacuum the remains of the cornstarch from your carpet.

Hair Spray for Light Ink Stains

If you have slight ink stains on your shirt or garments, you can also get rid of it using Hair spray. All you need is to apply the hair spray directly to the stained area and then blot it until it is no more there. Note that this method would only be helpful if the ink stains are very light. In case you cannot wash off the stain using this method then follow the first method i.e applying alcohol.

Nail Polish Remover For Ink Stains On Hands

We’ve given you enough methods to remove ink stains from garments and carpets, now let’s talk about ink stains on hands or skin. After working on an assignment for hours or after long study hours, it is normal to get your hands stained with pen marks or sometimes even spilled ink. So what should you do to get rid of it? Well, if the stains are light, you can most probably remove it using your regular soap only. However, if you’ve got a whole lot of ink spilled on your hands that doesn’t get removed anyway, then Nail Polish Remove can be your saver. Use nail polish remover to remove the ink on your hands just like you remove nail polish from your nails. Take some nail polish remover on a cotton ball and wipe the stain off your skin. Wash your hands immediately once the stain is gone. You can also use this method to remove ink stains from plastic objects like your dryer or table lamp.

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