How to choose a cleaning service?

So you’re here because you are probably wondering how you go about selecting a cleaning service in Bronx, New Rochelle, Yonkers, White Plains and Scarsdale area, right?

We’ve been offering cleaning services for a while, so we know that hiring a cleaning person isn’t for everyone. Some individuals like to do it on their own. Others just aren’t comfortable or are embarrassed by having a stranger clean their bathrooms (although these people are rare as most would LOVE to give up that task). Others think that it’s an expense they would be better not having.

The individuals who do decide to seek cleaning services, do so for the other reasons. They hire a cleaning service because they hate to clean (especially places like bathrooms). They use cleaning professionals because they just don’t have the energy or time to worry about necessary house chores on top of busy lives. They go with the bi-weekly or monthly added expense because of the value it brings them – it allows them the opportunity to focus on their other engagements that can not be outsourced.

For those that decide to go with a house cleaning service, choosing the right one requires thought and is a personal process. These are 5 tips to help you decide.

Get some referrals.

Hiring a good cleaning service is not difficult if it comes highly recommended by neighbors, friends, family, or coworkers. Every budget is different and starting the process with referrals is a good way to start.

Ask the correct questions. 

Most respectable cleaning services will offer a free quote of services whether in person or over the phone. First, use the initial phone call to ask questions that are meaningful to you. For example, how many people on the cleaning staff, how much time is required on a  housecleaning, what kind of products used — all of these questions are important for making sure you are comfortable with the cleaning service, but also to establish your expectations for the service required.

Go with the pros.

We’re not just saying this because we are the pros. Using a cleaning company that is dedicated to providing a quality service, and is held to those standards of cleaning is helpful for many reasons. These reasons include providing a customized cleaning plan, consistent quality, and thorough but efficient cleaning, and a reputation you can trust.

Be honest about your needs.

When going through a walk-through, we found that often people make a mistake of cleaning before cleaning service gets there. However, we advise you to stick to your “norm” so that the cleaning crew knows what to expect every time they go in, and can allot their time and crew accordingly. (This also lets you get what you want in a cleaning service – After all, you hired us for a reason right? Cleaning before we get there defeats the purpose).

Go with your intuition.

In the end, your intuition will let you know how comfortable you are with a specific cleaning service. Ask questions until you feel sure and are satisfied. Be honest about your concerns. The reason for hiring a maid service is to free up your energy, time, and get some peace of mind. Don’t just hire a maid service if one of these is out of place.

Have questions? We’d be glad to help!

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