So you’re looking for a Cleaning Service that won’t break the bank?

MVP House Clean and Maid Service specializes in Residential and Commercial Cleaning services. We offer a variety of cleaning services tailored to your needs and your budget. Basically, If you need it cleaned  – we can help! Spend less time cleaning and more time doing the things you love!

MVP House Clean and Maid Service is Bronx, NY’s #1 Choice for personalized residential and commercial cleaning services for a reason

We have over 10 years experience delivering outstanding cleaning services in Bronx and surrounding areas. Our cleaning experts are ready to provide a high-quality house cleaning services every time.

Whether you’re needing one time cleaning services, looking to set up a schedule, or if you’re inquiring about cleaning services for your business – we got you!

Cleaning Services are no longer just a “luxury” that only a select few can enjoy.

Our prices are affordable and our cleaning plans are customizable so that you can get what you truly want and need.

Your business makes a difference in our community. Our services are provided for by local cleaning service providers who are passionate about providing quality cleaning. All cleaning service providers are background checked, interviewed, and highly rated.

Not sure if house cleaning services are for you?

Of course they are! We service several types of people in the community such as busy professionals who want to free up their time to be more productive, seniors who need a little extra hand, overwhelmed moms who just need a break, a college student who had a big party – whoever you are you CAN benefit from a house cleaning service.

The great thing about hiring a cleaning Service is that not only are you getting your home or office sparkling clean and fresh, but you are also freeing up all that time you would’ve spent on cleaning. We understand that your time is valuable and better spent on other things.

So, really, stop wasting your precious time worrying about all the cleaning. Don’t stress, let our trained cleaning staff handle the mess!

Residential Cleaning Services

There is no home that we cannot clean. We’ve seen it all and we clean it all. We service apartment buildings and houses in the Bronx and surrounding areas. We also offer recurring cleaning services, for those of you who need more than just a one-time cleaning. We are able to accommodate weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly cleaning services. Discounts are available for frequent cleanings.

Commercial Cleaning Services

We also offer commercial office and building cleaning services too! That’s right, fully customized to suit your business needs.

An orderly and clean environment helps keep employees happy, healthy, and has shown to improve productivity.

As we are all returning to work, now more than ever, cleaning is of the utmost importance. Regular and thorough Disinfection and Sanitization of frequently touched areas and work spaces are necessary to keep your staff and customers safe.

What do cleaning services cost?

Ah, the big question! Well, the cost of your house cleaning or commercial cleaning service will depend on a variety of factors which include:

  • the size of the home or office to be cleaned
  • the type of cleaning required (ie. Standard Clean, Deep Clean, Post Construction Clean, Commercial Cleaning, Residential Cleaning, etc)
  • Special add-ons
  • Green cleaning substitutions

As all of our services are customizable, we handle these requests on a case by case basis in order to best accommodate our clients budgets and needs.

Special Cleaning Services

If you’re looking for a cleaning service after a party, before or after a move, or after a construction – we are able to service these kind of requests too! We are a one stop shop with a solution for all your cleaning woes.

After Party/Event Cleaning

The party might be over, but that confetti is not going to clean itself. Don’t spend your entire party worrying about the mess after all the guests leave and who will clean up. Book your cleaning, have your party, and enjoy every momet knowing that when everyone is gone. We will be handling the mess and we’ll leave the so place sparking clean that no one would’ve guessed there was a party. You won’t even have to get out of bed for that one!

Post Construction Clean up

You’ve just recently remodeled, but you can’t enjoy your new kitchen because you have a bunch of post construction dust in every nook and cranny. You thought you cleaned it all out, but it just keeps coming back. We know that this can be an overwhelming task to take on, so let us professionals take it off your plate we will handle it.

Move in/out cleaning

You’re either moving out or moving it. We understand, you have so much going on with the packing and unpacking. It’s overwhelming, but the good news is that whether you’re moving out or moving in, our professional cleaners will leave your place spotless so that you can really start fresh in your brand new space.

Are your cleaning services near me?

We are currently offering cleaning services in Bronx, White Plains, Yonkers, New Rochelle, and Scarsdale area.

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